Wednesday, July 19, 2006

August Strindberg asks himself

1. What is the main trait in your character?This strange blending of the deepest melancholy and the most astonishing light heartedness.

2 Which characteristic do you prize most highly in a man?Absence of narrow mindedness.

3. Which characteristic do you prize most highly in a woman?Motherliness.

4. Which talent would you most like to possess?To find the key to the world's mystery and the meaning of life.

5. Which fault would you least like to possess?Narrow mindedness.

6. What is your favorite occupation?To write dramas.

7. What would be the greatest happiness you could imagine?To be nobody's enemy and to have no enemies.

8. What position would you most have liked to have?To be a dramatist whose dramas were always being played.

9. What would you regard as the greatest misfortune?To be without peace of mind and conscience.

10. Where would you most like to live?In the Stockholm skerries.

11.Your favorite colour?Zinc yellow and amethyst violet.

12.Your favorite flower?Cyclamen.

13.Your favorite creature?The butterfly.14.Which books do you like most?The Bible; Chateaubriand's Genie du Christianisme; Swedenborg's Arcana Coelestia; Victor Hugo's Les Mise'rables; Dickens's Little Dorrit; Andersen's Fairy Tales; Bernardin de SaintPierre's Harmoni de la Nature. Kipling: various.

15.Which paintings do you like most?Theodore Rousseau's "Paysages Intimes." Böcklin: various.
16.Which musical compositions do you like most?Beethoven's Sonatas.

17. Which English writer do you admire most?Charles Dickens.

18. Which English painter do you admire most?Turner.

19. Which male historical personages do you admire most?Henri IV of France and Bernard of Clairvaux.

20. Which female historical personages do you admire most?P;Elizabeth of I hŸringen and Marguerite de Provence (consort of Louis i.e. Holy).

21. Which historical personage do you most despise?One has no right to despise anybody.

22. Which fictitious male characters most attract you?Balzacs Louis Lambert: and the Bishop in Les Miserables by VictorHugo.

23. Which fictitious female characters most attract you?Margaretha in Faust and Florence in Dombey and Son.

24. Which name do you like best?Margaretha.

25. Which fault in others do you find it easiest to forgive?Extravagance.

26. Which social reform would you most like to see accomplished?Disarmament.

27. Your favorite drink and your favorite food?Beer and fish dishes.

28. Which season and which weather do you like best?The height of summer after warm rain.

29. Your motto? Speravit infestis.


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